DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Consider this as your PSA for the day.  Clean your makeup brushes, ladies! Before I became a distributor for Senegence, I rarely used makeup brushes, and when I did I honestly could not have told you the last time they were cleaned. I didn’t think about the importance of properly cleaning your brushes until just […]

Whole30 Meal Prep Tips & Tricks

  Well friends… I didn’t think I’d be doing it this soon, but I am! I’ve started my second round of Whole 30, and I am SO EXCITED. To say I fell back into my “old ways of eating” would be an understatement, and I am ready to revamp my diet and feel better. Along with […]

Leather Oil Diffusers

I hope everyone is having a great Friday so far! Today marks the end of Year Three’s first week of school, and y’all… I’m exhausted. There’s just something especially draining about the first week of school. Between welcoming in a whole new group of kiddos to teaching them the ropes of third grade, I end each […]

How to Make the Best Burger Ever

A couple of weeks ago we had some friends over for dinner, and I asked Isaac if he could make burgers. I thought “hey, it’s simple, and I’m craving me a tasty burger!” Little did I know that that evening would change my life forever.  Okay maybe not forever, but I don’t think I’ve ever […]