Deck the Halls with Easy Holiday Decor!

As I mentioned in my fall decor post, I LIVE for easy ways to decorate. I had so much fun sharing my fall decorations with y’all that I decided to do a Christmas one and I’m a little too excited about it. πŸ˜‰ Growing up, Christmas was always my favorite time of year (just ask […]

Latte in a Jar | Gift Idea!

I still can’t believe that we’re officially in “Christmastime”. While yes, I have all my decorations up (that post is coming on Friday!) and Christmas music playing constantly in my classroom (shoutout to the Piano Guys and my man Kenny G πŸ˜‰ ) I feel like this year has gone flying by. Anyone else with […]

Reasons I’m Thankful This Year

As many of you know, it’s been a hard year for my family. And because of that, it’s tough to see the good and be thankful when you’re surrounded by pain, heartache and sorrow. Lately I’ve felt overwhelmed with everything going on. I micro focus on the bad news without even considering the hope that […]

10 Paleo-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

There are only 8 days till Thanksgiving, and I’m SO excited. Not only am I SO very ready to have a week off, see my family, and take lots of pictures (that’s an understatement), but it means the holiday season is almost here, and I can’t wait! I always feel like a little kid when the […]