Holiday Skillet Dinner

Ahhh the holidays! It’s my favorite time of year (as you probably know by now), and I especially love all the food we get to enjoy. But with the turkey, stuffing, ham, casseroles, pies, sweets and everything in between, all the rich, decadent foods can start taking a toll on me. Please tell me I’m […]

Shredded Chicken Taco Soup

A cold front has arrived and it *finally* feels like December here in North Texas! It went from the low 80s on Monday to the 50s today and boy oh boy my body was not ready for this! I start shivering the minute I walk outside and you better believe I have been pulling out […]

Deck the Halls with Easy Holiday Decor!

As I mentioned in my fall decor post, I LIVE for easy ways to decorate. I had so much fun sharing my fall decorations with y’all that I decided to do a Christmas one and I’m a little too excited about it. πŸ˜‰ Growing up, Christmas was always my favorite time of year (just ask […]

Latte in a Jar | Gift Idea!

I still can’t believe that we’re officially in “Christmastime”. While yes, I have all my decorations up (that post is coming on Friday!) and Christmas music playing constantly in my classroom (shoutout to the Piano Guys and my man Kenny G πŸ˜‰ ) I feel like this year has gone flying by. Anyone else with […]