Five Cookbooks You Need in Your Kitchen

I know this might sound a little funny coming from someone who blogs recipes all the time, but I LOVE cookbooks. There’s just something beautiful about those hardcover books holding page after page of recipes. I think it’s partly nostalgia, because I learned how to cook with my mom using her favorite cookbooks, and partly […]

My Favorite Second Trimester Outfits

Welp it’s official. The bump is here to stay and I’ve had to go through my wardrobe to figure out what fits and what doesn’t. Not only has my belly gotten bigger, but my hips have already started widening, and because of that, all pre-pregnancy shorts and pants are now out of the question. Whomp […]

20 Week Bumpdate!

Ahhh y’all. I CANNOT believe that I’m actually HERE writing my 20 week bumpdate. Halfway through the pregnancy. Halfway there to meeting our sweet little man. And 20 weeks away from getting to kiss those cute little cheeks and hold that tiny precious body that I have been growing for months and months. I swear […]

Grownup Build-Your-Own-Pizza Lunchable

I’m a 90s kid. I always wanted a Furby (but thankfully never got one- those things are creepy), wore jelly shoes, rocked a Skip-It like it was nobody’s business, and somehow always killed my Tamagochi no matter how well I took care of it. I loved the Kool-Aids with the twist off caps, made culinary […]